Cristie (honor74) wrote,
  • Mood: distressed

The No Good, Very Bad Day

I had a parent yell, threaten and curse me today at front of my class, no less, and I didn't do anything wrong to deserve it. I'd blog the whole thing, but it's a nasty incident and I've already repeated it numerous times already. If you really want to know, I can post a link to my other journal where I laid out the whole sad story. I'm just too drained to type it all again.

I didn't get home until nearly seven. Then, once I was home, I had to take my older daughter to the doctor because the ear infection she had two weeks ago has migrated to her other ear. So, after all that, I managed to get home again at 10:30.

I've had a bad, bad day. I need tea and sympathy. Or a hug would do.
Tags: work
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