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I overslept and haven't managed to do anything around the house, choosing to run errands instead. I still have 5 overflowing baskets of laundry to put away, drapes to clean and new blinds to hang up. Plus, it's TUESDAY, which means....

American Idol

I hate that show. My daughter is addicted, has watched every season, including the horrifyingly bad auditions. She jumps, squees and makes fun of contestants. And of course she can't watch it in her room; she has to monopolize the TV, with my desk only feet away so I'm forced to flee or wear headphones to avoid the agony. It's not that I dislike music or singing, but when someone hits a wrong note it goes all through me a la nails on a chalkboard.

On top of that, K will be here tonight, since our daughter is sick and he has this illness paranoia thing going on where he thinks whoever is ill will end up in the hospital like him. *groan* I don't mind him being around so much, it's just that I can't write while he's here. I don't want him looking over my shoulder as I'm not quite ready to share that with him. Too intimate. Plus I have to take him behind the woodshed for a little talk about common courtesy and consistency in regards to his visits. More on that after I smack him about the neck and shoulders.

The kid is still under the weather, so most likely I'll be missing yet another day of work tomorrow. Lucky me.

On the other hands, I did get thrihyrne's CD mailed out to her, two checks put into the bank and am making tentative plans to drive down to the boonies for jenuwhine's wedding. Jen, there'd better not be any Deliverance shit going on down there, lolz.

Anyway, off to possibly take a nap before K gets here. I also have to go to Wal-Mart this evening for dog food, *shakes* Large groups of insane bargain shoppers scare me.
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