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Update: fics and such

I was up before seven a.m. this morning, so unlike me, as I'm usually a night owl and stay up far too late to enjoy the early part of the day.  I heard the birds chirping outside my window and that was it.  My youngest daughter is curled up on the couch with the dog, a cute tableau that I wish I had a camera for, or at least batteries.  No work yesterday or today, as my daughter is ill. Yesterday I cleaned house and today will probably be more of the same.

Finished the second part of an R/D fic I'm writing; it's already been through one beta and I am about to send it back for a final look-over. I did have a wonderful conversation with said beta, thrihyrne yesterday morning; it was the first time we had spoken by phone. I love it when I can match a voice with an online personality, as text doesn't quite do anyone justice, although for writers you can tell a lot about them through their works. But, speaking like that is great, because you know there's a real person behind those words, someone with thoughts and feelings, and in her case, an intelligence and sense of humor I thoroughly appreciate. I'm also keeping my fingers crossed on both hands and even my toes over her personal crisis; I'd burn a candle but I'm not very closely attuned with any deities and I don't like to tempt the cosmos like that *G*.

I have not forgotten my Fred/Hermione fic, not by a long shot, and I'd love to do more Bill/Hermione, but I'm currently in serious lust/love with R/D and am contemplating an AU H/R but have been told in no uncertain terms I need to finish R/D FIRST, lol. So that's it as far as fics go.

I do want to congratulate jenuwhine on her upcoming marriage. Girlfriend, I am gonna do my damnedest to be there; after all, you promised me a lapdance.
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