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Monday Meme and Randomness

First, the randomness. I'm off work, was supposed to be my first day back from my vacation. Alas, we were so low on our count at the daycare that three teachers were sent home (the side roads, neighborhoods, etc are still in hazardous condition, so I'm assuming that's why attendence is off). I have my feet over the furnace, my desk stocked with junk food and I'm ready to waste time.

The big squee omeegee news? I actually wrote something last night! Almost have the first chapter in a three chapter piece done. And the bigger surprise? It's my first foray into slash. I'm excited and nervous and gah, I just want to get this right because it somehow matters to me more than any het fic I've done. I'm sure I'll write more het; in fact, I have one unfinished series and another one I'm doing research on. But the experience of writing again after so long is heady and I've walked around with a big goofy grin on my face. thrihyrne, look for something to beta soon! *G*

Now, the meme. Two questions, pick one or do both if you choose:

1. What would you be most curious about experiencing if you were able to spend one day as the opposite gender?

2. If you had the opportunity to spend a month living in the shoes of someone that you either don't like or don't respect, just to see if you could gain a better understanding of why they are the way that they are, would you take it? Conversely, if you had the opportunity to put someone of this nature in your shoes for a month for the same reason, would you take it? Feel free to elaborate on why your chose your answers and what person comes to mind when faced with this scenario.

Have a great day!
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