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Date:2007-04-21 00:15
Subject:One breath at a time
Mood: lethargic

I just realized I haven't posted here in nearly a month. Wow. I have, however, posted to my 360, as it's another set of friends who don't necessarily mind my boring life and ramblings, LOL. And I'm just the lazy sort that doesn't like to double post the same info, even if it is in two separate places.

I did venture down to southeastern Oklahoma to attend jenuwhine's wedding, which was a wonderful experience, outside my normal life and comfort zone. Met friends who I had only known online, which is always great and got to see real honest-to-God working cowboys! Of course, the only thing they were working on at the time was a case of beer, lol, but still, I enjoyed the view of Wrangler butt.

Other than that, work has been hectic. We've increased our enrollment at the daycare, which meant the hiring on of more teachers. Lots of new faces and I now have a class of over twenty children; luckily for me, I now have an aide. I've known her for a long time, worked with her at Head Start. The boss moved her from another classroom to mine and she's been very helpful. We've divided the paperwork and this week have gotten our routine down. She told my boss she didn't know how I managed my classroom alone for so long. Lots of experience and necessity, of course. But it is nice to have help and I don't feel quite so stressed at work.

On the home front, the girls both received straight A's on their report cards. My oldest already has her flight itinerary to visit her father and grandfather this summer; the lucky girl will be staying at a time share in Nantucket, visiting Boston, Martha's Vineyard and Concord as well as going kayaking! This will be her first time on the east coast since she was nine months old. I wish I was going with her!

My youngest is in a book club at school. I recently bought her the entire set of HP books, since she was continuously checking them out from the library (the only one we owned until now was HBP). She's already devoured four of the books in a matter of weeks! She's in fourth grade but at an eighth grade reading level. She keeps talking about the 7th book and the 5th movie, can't wait for either (and she's not alone!)

Samwise the Brave, my huuuuge puppy, is now almost eight months old and weighs about 75 pounds. What a monster! Unfortunately for me, he's developed a liking for the clothes baskets in my room. I came home to discover my underwear laying in the backyard!

I've been working on my house a bit, mainly the outside. My parents left quite a bit of stuff in the yard, shed and garage and I have been trying to sort through and clean out everything. I've weeded the flower beds, removed my mother's decorations and ornaments (I'm not too fond of ceramic ducks), moved lawn furniture, raked, cleaned off the back deck, etc, etc. I now have comfortable seating areas in both the front porch and the back deck; tomorrow I intend on repainting my rocking chair and park bench. Monday evening I came home and worked in the yard for three hours. Unfortunately, due to that I have had some major allergy problems since and you won't see me without a box of tissues in tow. *sniffle*

Right now I'm dosed with allergy medication as well as a lortab and I'm feeling all floaty and tired. But I did want to check in. lnalvgd, I'm thrilled you got to go to London to see Equus! I'm sure Dan was lovely and it sounds like you had a great view! thrihyrne, sorry I didn't repond to your latest email about editing, I've just been swamped. I owe you an email. (((Hugs!!!)))

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Date:2007-03-27 00:55
Subject:The No Good, Very Bad Day
Mood: distressed

I had a parent yell, threaten and curse me today at work...in front of my class, no less, and I didn't do anything wrong to deserve it. I'd blog the whole thing, but it's a nasty incident and I've already repeated it numerous times already. If you really want to know, I can post a link to my other journal where I laid out the whole sad story. I'm just too drained to type it all again.

I didn't get home until nearly seven. Then, once I was home, I had to take my older daughter to the doctor because the ear infection she had two weeks ago has migrated to her other ear. So, after all that, I managed to get home again at 10:30.

I've had a bad, bad day. I need tea and sympathy. Or a hug would do.

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Date:2007-03-18 17:59
Subject:Harry Potter Meme
Mood: sore

Ganked from lnalvgd

Harry Potter and Your Ultimate Meme by Yipster
Your Name/Username?
Your Age?
Your Favorite Character?
Your Ancestory:Muggle Born
Your House:Gryffindor
Your Pet:Eagle Owl
Your Quidditch Job:Chaser
Your Best Subject:Care of Magical Creatures
Your Worst Subject:Charms
A Textbook You Are Always Carrying:The Standard Book of Spells (Charms)
Favorite Professor (of all time):Professor Sinistra
Your Patronus Form:Phoenix
Favorite Wizarding Candy:Pepper Imps
Favorite Shop/Pub in the Wizarding World:Madame Puddifoot's Tea Shop (Hogsmeade)
Favorite Item from Weasleys' Wizard Wheezes:Portable Swamp
Your Favorite Magical Creature:Swedish Short-snout
Your Future Occupation:Auror
Type of Wand:hornbeam, 10 1/4", quite rigid, dragon's heartstring

Woohoo, me likey, although I'm not sure that having the same wand as Viktor Krum is a good thing.

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Date:2007-03-18 05:01
Subject:Drabble: Cooking (R/D)
Mood: restless

Because I need the practice and the frustration. Nothing fancy and it's a safe, all ages. I almost called it "What's cookin', good lookin'?" but I'm not that far gone...yet.

Title: Cooking
Pairing: Ron/Draco
Rating: All ages

Ron came home to find his lover amidst the wreckage of what used to be a useful cooking space, leaning over the stove and muttering into a pot.

“What are you doing?”

Draco spun around, cheeks flushed, a smear of flour on his nose rivaling the paleness of his hair. He gave an uncharacteristically boyish grin, which caused Ron’s insides to flip over in aching joy.

“Making dinner. Are you hungry?” Draco asked.

Ron nodded an assent, although he wondered how the word ‘hungry’ could fit right now, when his heart was so full of love and warmth of home.

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Date:2007-02-27 15:46
Mood: grumpy

I overslept and haven't managed to do anything around the house, choosing to run errands instead. I still have 5 overflowing baskets of laundry to put away, drapes to clean and new blinds to hang up. Plus, it's TUESDAY, which means....

American Idol

I hate that show. My daughter is addicted, has watched every season, including the horrifyingly bad auditions. She jumps, squees and makes fun of contestants. And of course she can't watch it in her room; she has to monopolize the TV, with my desk only feet away so I'm forced to flee or wear headphones to avoid the agony. It's not that I dislike music or singing, but when someone hits a wrong note it goes all through me a la nails on a chalkboard.

On top of that, K will be here tonight, since our daughter is sick and he has this illness paranoia thing going on where he thinks whoever is ill will end up in the hospital like him. *groan* I don't mind him being around so much, it's just that I can't write while he's here. I don't want him looking over my shoulder as I'm not quite ready to share that with him. Too intimate. Plus I have to take him behind the woodshed for a little talk about common courtesy and consistency in regards to his visits. More on that after I smack him about the neck and shoulders.

The kid is still under the weather, so most likely I'll be missing yet another day of work tomorrow. Lucky me.

On the other hands, I did get thrihyrne's CD mailed out to her, two checks put into the bank and am making tentative plans to drive down to the boonies for jenuwhine's wedding. Jen, there'd better not be any Deliverance shit going on down there, lolz.

Anyway, off to possibly take a nap before K gets here. I also have to go to Wal-Mart this evening for dog food, *shakes* Large groups of insane bargain shoppers scare me.

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Date:2007-02-27 07:13
Subject:Update: fics and such
Mood: content

I was up before seven a.m. this morning, so unlike me, as I'm usually a night owl and stay up far too late to enjoy the early part of the day.  I heard the birds chirping outside my window and that was it.  My youngest daughter is curled up on the couch with the dog, a cute tableau that I wish I had a camera for, or at least batteries.  No work yesterday or today, as my daughter is ill. Yesterday I cleaned house and today will probably be more of the same.

Finished the second part of an R/D fic I'm writing; it's already been through one beta and I am about to send it back for a final look-over. I did have a wonderful conversation with said beta, thrihyrne yesterday morning; it was the first time we had spoken by phone. I love it when I can match a voice with an online personality, as text doesn't quite do anyone justice, although for writers you can tell a lot about them through their works. But, speaking like that is great, because you know there's a real person behind those words, someone with thoughts and feelings, and in her case, an intelligence and sense of humor I thoroughly appreciate. I'm also keeping my fingers crossed on both hands and even my toes over her personal crisis; I'd burn a candle but I'm not very closely attuned with any deities and I don't like to tempt the cosmos like that *G*.

I have not forgotten my Fred/Hermione fic, not by a long shot, and I'd love to do more Bill/Hermione, but I'm currently in serious lust/love with R/D and am contemplating an AU H/R but have been told in no uncertain terms I need to finish R/D FIRST, lol. So that's it as far as fics go.

I do want to congratulate jenuwhine on her upcoming marriage. Girlfriend, I am gonna do my damnedest to be there; after all, you promised me a lapdance.

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Date:2007-02-13 23:45
Subject:Valentine's Day (what, no rant?)
Mood: loved

This is usually when I would put up my yearly rant about Valentine's Day. When I was the editor of an ezine, it would come up in my Editor's Notes, guaranteeing me a wider audience on which to vent my frustrations with the holiday. Different variations, but basically the same spiel. How Valentine's Day is commercialized, a 'Hallmark holiday' which had lost its intrinsic value to rabid and apathetic consumerism. Just the thought of walking through a store full of pink and red fluffy things, or God help me, a hovering cupid, was enough to start me foaming at the mouth.

And while those things are true in some way, they're really not what bugs me if I put myself under the microscope. Years of disappointment on Valentine's molded me into a cynic. In high school, I remember other girls receiving balloons and flowers, delivered to their classes towards the end of the day. I was jealous. A simple and petty emotion, especially given the fact that the young suitors weren't always sending the gifts with noble intentions, but it didn't matter. I wanted a young man to fawn over me, the brain who never seemed to be able to fire anyone's blood. My best friend, tired of hearing me whine, no doubt, sent me some roses. I was touched but also embarrassed for two reasons: one, it was a friend sending me the flowers and two, I had made such an ass out of myself crying over some pretty dead foliage that she felt sorry for me.

As I got older, dated, married, etc, I did have a few good years. My ex-husband rode home across town with a huge teddy bear strapped on the back of his motorcycle. A male friend sent me a book of sayings and quotes, 'Meditations for Women Who Do Too Much'. But I always longed for that huge romantic gesture of a dozen red roses, even as much as I came to resent it.

To me, on Valentine's Day many people buy things because it is expected of them. Men rush to the florist at the last minute, hoping to stay in their wife's good graces, I see it every year. And in my opinion, that doesn't truly express love. You do things when they're not expected of you, just because you want to, you want to show how much you love someone. Like running your wife a hot bath because you know she's had a long day. Showing up at the office with dinner when you know your partner has to work late. Giving a big hug for absolutely no reason. A saying pops into mind, it's on a plaque over my mother's kitchen sink: 'I love hugs and I love kisses, but what I really love is help with the dishes!'

My best example? My ex-husband bringing me breakfast in bed a few days after our daughter was born. He cooked it, even though he never did the cooking and even made me drink the milk. I didn't like milk, he knew that but he also knew it was good for me and I needed the extra calcium since I was breastfeeding. That was love to me and it was even more significant because it wasn't on a special day set aside just for showing our feelings.

It is the simple things that best show how we feel. And I'm a firm believer that actions do speak louder than words; even 'I love you' can be abused and overused, its meaning tarnished.

This year I'm single, as I have been for the past several years. I could be bitter and resentful, just gritting my teeth until the holiday is over, but I've decided I've had enough of that. I don't have romantic love, but I do have love in abundance. I have two daughters who love me unconditionally, kissing and hugging me every day even if five minutes before they've described me as 'grumpy'. I have a big sloppy dog with a sock fetish who wakes me in the morning with nuzzles and licks and greets me every evening with a wildly wagging tail that could probably be considered a dangerous weapon. I have my parents, who have supported me and saved me quite a few times and who I have just begun to appreciate in the last five years or so. I have lifelong friends who have become family to me in my heart and other friends who aren't as close but are still loved. All of these people manage to love, like or care for me despite the fact that I'm not the easiest person to be around at time. I'm prickly and snarky on the outside but they see the squishy™ within.

I'm extremely fortunate. To all those I've listed above, you have my profound thanks, love and awe.

I might just consider this Joy Luck Day.

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Date:2007-02-13 00:27
Subject:Time's a-wastin'!
Mood: amused

Because as usual, I'm slow on the uptake. Either that or I was buried in smutty, lemony goodness out here in fanfiction land.

My Valentinr - honor74
Get your own valentinr

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Date:2007-02-06 22:08
Mood: pissed off

I am ever so pissed right now. Let's delve into Cristie's bad day, shall we:

1. I stopped smoking today. It didn't get bad until this afternoon. First came the shakes. Then this evening I was a raving bitch. Felt like I was going to come out of my skin with wanting a smoke. The nicotine gum isn't much of a help so far. I just hope it gets better.

2. My parents and their shitty house that I'm renting from then. I knew this would happen, it was the reason why I hesitated moving in. Sure, the rent's great, but that doesn't make up for the problems. First one, the oven doesn't work. Stove top does, but no oven. I can't even bake brownies. It was broken when I moved in and I was reassured it would be fixed. Wrong. My mother asked me recently when I was going to buy a new one. *seethes*

The overhead light in my daughter's room quit working over a month ago, something to do with the switch. My father has the parts to repair it, but he hasn't made time. He got off early from work today, but said he "didn't feel good". When he does have time, he's too busy playing video games.

This weekend, the plumbing backed up when I did the wash, the water from the washer coming up into the bathtub and toilet. My parents said, pour some Drano down it. I did. Twice. Now it's even worse than before today, with us being unable to even shower or use the toilet. My father comes over and pours even more gunk down the clean out thingy out back; it allows the bathtub to drain, after twenty minutes. My mother offers to let us spend the night but I, stubborn and quite ticked off, refuse. I'm not sleeping on a couch or a futon and I'm not leaving my dog or driving back and forth in the morning. Of course tomorrow I also have to be in early and work overtime. Yay me.

If my parents were renting to anyone else, meaning not family, they would have to get this stuff fixed quickly. That's the law. Or the renter can hire someone if the landlord hasn't responded in a reasonable amount of time and take the bill off of the rent. But since I'm their daughter, it's all right to take advantage. I am so stupid. I told mom I wanted a rental agreement and she blew me off. This is exactly why I needed one. Oven broken for over four months, light broken for almost two months and now the water lines. They're calling a plumber in the morning, but it still pisses me off because if they had checked it out this weekend when there was initially a problem, instead of expecting me to fix it for them, we could've had it repaired yesterday.

If it's not fixed tomorrow I'm renting a hotel room and buying a large amount of booze for dinner, that's how irritated I am. I knew this would happen. The whole time my parents lived here, they didn't take care of the place and put off repairing things as they should've. Now they're trying to put it off on me and I refuse to be saddled with a money pit.

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Date:2007-01-19 22:27
Subject:Me meme
Mood: devious

By request of lnalvgd's tag, I now submit the strange meme of doom!


Post to your journal with 10 weird things/habits/little known facts about yourself. Those who get tagged need to blog your own journal with those 10 weird things/habits/little known facts. Then chose 6 people to be tagged and list their lj names. No tagbacks...dammit, since I don't even have 6 peeps on LJ to tag, meh.

1. I have not had sex with anyone but myself in about five years. What can I say, I'm selective.

2. I'm addicted to anime. Not the cutesy, girly stuff like Sailor Moon and definitely not Pokemon or any of that monster catching/card battling crapola. I like stuff that blows up, huge robots, post-apocalyptic wizardry and vampires. Must have the bloodsuckers.

3. I only watch about two hours of TV a week, and only own one television which I've had for about ten years. It's only a 19 inch.

4. I get mad freaked by june bugs. They are creepy! Ewww!

5. I like really cheesy B movies. Godzilla, old kung fu movies, stuff like that. You want corny, check out Never Too Young To Die, it has Gene Simmons as a transvestitie and John Stamos is in the hero role, LMAO!

6. I had never seen the ocean until I was 30. It was also the first time I had flown in a plane.

7. I had a 30 on my ACT and actually had places like MIT and West Point scouting me in high school. I also was accepted and attended (for a short time) a residential high school that specialized in science and mathmatics. Had to test for it and go on interviews. But it was two hours away from home, missed my mom and couldn't adjust to dorm life. After I left I was told I had some of the highest scores there. I could've been a rocket scientist or a doctor!

8. I've been in a threesome and it wasn't playing musical instruments *snort*

9. I have medical training, worked in an OB/GYN office for a short time before I was married. Even stuck people with needles and helped out with procedures. Since then, over ten years ago, I've not worked in the field since. I got freaked out by germs when I became pregnant and quit.

10. I've had two ten pound babies. Stretch marks, anyone?

I tag jenuwhine (either on LJ or 360), thrihyrne, beautyfulevil, inell, midnight_ljc and Rdan over on 360.

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Date:2007-01-01 03:56
Subject:New Year's Resolutions
Mood: drunk

Gakked from beautyfulevil, inell and thrihyrne, it's really making the rounds.

In 2007, honor74 resolves to...
Pay for my incubus on time.
Buy new comics.
Cut down on my writing.
Keep my anime clean.
Apply for a new architecture.
Lose ten hair bands by March.
Get your own New Year's Resolutions:

I only agree with the buying new comics. The rest has to go (well, except if I get to pay for and keep Brandon Boyd from Incubus, rowr).

Cut down on writing? Can't cut down zero, unless we start getting into integers and I definitely don't want my anime clean. At least not my fanfiction of said anime.

Happy New Year's!

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Date:2006-12-28 19:39
Subject:Happy Birthday jenuwhine!

Happy B-Day Jen!!!!

57K 0:17
(no transcription available)

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Date:2006-12-14 23:24
Subject:Happy Birthday!
Mood: chipper

Happy Birthday lnalvgd! Hope you had a great one!

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Date:2006-12-14 00:01
Subject:Fics: Funked-up Faery Tales
Mood: amused

First, a little history. A couple of years ago, I was a long-time member of a women's group online, like an internet sorority. The section of this group I was involved it were writers, or aspriring writers, as the case may be. We kept a library of poetry, prose, etc., as well as publishing a bi-montly ezine, where I was the editor. There were several groups within the larger group, and each one had assigned duties that correlated with their talents: graphics designers, writers, etc, etc. There was also a small little subset called the Keepers of the Celestial Dust.

KCD membership was by application only; you had to keep up your regular duties, in your regular group (I was in Scribes), as well as performing KCD duties. Once in KCD, you took on a secret identity (think Secret Santa, that sort of thing), naming yourself as a faery or elf. We then spread cheer throughout the larger group, sending out birthday wishes, welcoming new members, encouraging those that were low, wishing good health to those that were ill and generally letting our members know that someone was thinking of them.

Cheesy sounding? Perhaps, but the sentiment was true. We had fun, with our imaginary personas, sprinkling faery dust over our fellow sisters.

A good friend of mine, who has sadly passed on, was in Scribes as well as KCD with me. Each year, we published an issue of our ezine dedicated to the KCD (and faery folk everywhere); we happened to be working on that issue and were going back and forth about faery tales. Not your traditional fare, but something a little funnier and more suited to adults; not smutty, but geared towards an adult sense of humor.

That resulted in the two stories I present here today. They are original stories, original characters.

You should start with Roomies

and then read Ruby and Ebenezer Do Christmas

Some light holiday reading for you, Happy Holidays!

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Date:2006-12-04 12:05
Subject:Monday Meme and Randomness
Mood: jubilant

First, the randomness. I'm off work, was supposed to be my first day back from my vacation. Alas, we were so low on our count at the daycare that three teachers were sent home (the side roads, neighborhoods, etc are still in hazardous condition, so I'm assuming that's why attendence is off). I have my feet over the furnace, my desk stocked with junk food and I'm ready to waste time.

The big squee omeegee news? I actually wrote something last night! Almost have the first chapter in a three chapter piece done. And the bigger surprise? It's my first foray into slash. I'm excited and nervous and gah, I just want to get this right because it somehow matters to me more than any het fic I've done. I'm sure I'll write more het; in fact, I have one unfinished series and another one I'm doing research on. But the experience of writing again after so long is heady and I've walked around with a big goofy grin on my face. thrihyrne, look for something to beta soon! *G*

Now, the meme. Two questions, pick one or do both if you choose:

1. What would you be most curious about experiencing if you were able to spend one day as the opposite gender?

2. If you had the opportunity to spend a month living in the shoes of someone that you either don't like or don't respect, just to see if you could gain a better understanding of why they are the way that they are, would you take it? Conversely, if you had the opportunity to put someone of this nature in your shoes for a month for the same reason, would you take it? Feel free to elaborate on why your chose your answers and what person comes to mind when faced with this scenario.

Have a great day!

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Date:2006-12-03 00:38
Mood: ditzy

My daughter is watching Clash of the Titans. Yeah, I know, cheesy, but I loved it when I was a kid, especially when I went through my Greek mythology phase. Anyway, I just noticed that Maggie Smith is in it. Smith is McGonagall in the HP movies and in this one she plays Thetis, a sea goddess (and according to myth, mother of Achilles, but myths intersect and entwine, but I digress). Thetis is one pissed off goddess and the mother of the evil Calibos.

Here's Dame Smith as Thetis:

Her cursed son, Calibos:

It's funny, she has quite the film history, many with Sir Laurence Olivier, and I see her in a film and instantly go "McGonagall!" LOL

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Date:2006-12-02 01:37
Mood: sore

It's confirmed: no one is getting in or out of Eastern Oklahoma unless they have a frickin' dog sled! Cimarron turnpike, from Tulsa to I-35, Will Rogers turnpike from Tulsa to Missouri and Turner turnpike from Tulsa to OKC are all closed. The Oklahoma National Guard was deployed late Thursday to locate heavy equipment and personnel to search for stranded motorists along the state's toll roads.

Mush, doggies!

According to KTUL, "The first winter storm of the year dumped 10-point-4 inches of snow in Tulsa on Thursday, obliterating the old record of just three-tenths of an inch, which was set 51 years ago. "

That's what I woke up to this morning. And I would be damned before I was stuck in the house again all day. I was beyond frustrated, angry because I was in the grip of something I couldn't control. Usually weather is very low on my personal radar; however, ten inches of snow has a way of not being ignored.

So, I went outside, dug my car out and managed to open the doors. Started up just fine. Scraped the windows, top, hood and trunk, then let it warm up for fifteen minutes. I'm all ready to go.

I proceed to get stuck in the alley. Three times. Each time I had to exit the car and dig my front wheels out with a shovel. Finally, I make it to the street proper and on to the store. The complete trip takes far longer than it usually would. When I do get home, it's dark outside and I have to make three trips through the snow to retrieve the shopping bags. Then it's off again to pick up my sister from work, since her car is stuck in the driveway.

I'm worn out. Working in the cold saps my energy. But, I did make it out of the house. Never underestimate the power of determination.

Or someone who is desperately out of caffeine and nicotine and just HAS to go to the store.

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Date:2006-11-30 20:57
Subject:Snowed In
Mood: cranky

It is now 18 degrees outside, we have at least an inch of ice on the ground, perhaps two, covered by four inches of snow with more still coming down. The snow isn't supposed to stop until early tomorrow morning.

These are two semis, stuck on the ramp between two highways, about a mile from my house. Ugh. Sure, this is nowhere close to Eskimo weather and certainly not a Nor'easter. But we are under a blizzard warning because the visibility and temperature is so low and the wind is gusting over 35 mph. Travel advisories are up and every school between here and Bartlesville is closed. And do I need to add that Okies aren't exactly used to snow? *scary drivers*

My car is a block of ice on wheels. I can't get any of the doors open because they are frozen shut, despite my best efforts at breaking the ice up with a shoe (so as not to damage the car, I'm not a complete nut). Luckily, the toilet paper supply is holding up, lol.

And, I'm wondering, is running to the store in a mad dash the right before a forecasted storm to get your necessities a Southern thing? Never fails, it threatens to storm and everyone is in the toilet paper aisle.

Other than that, I'm bored stiff from being stuck here involuntarily and my children are about to drive me mad.


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Date:2006-11-29 22:52
Mood: listless

Welcome to the amazing state of Oklahoma, where you can wear shorts in the morning and snowsuits at night! Gah!

Seriously, it was 70 degrees (Fahrenheit, remember, Yanks can't get the temperature or the metric system right) this morning; it is now 32 and is supposed to dip lower. It's been sleeting for an hour at least, before that thunderstorms and tomorrow we are forecasted to receive up to ten inches of snow. Way to mess with my head, Ma Nature! I'm also on a week's vacation and there's a strong possibility the kids will be out of school tomorrow. So far I haven't accomplished anything I set out to do this week; yesterday and today were spent running errands for family members who are carless, one by choice and the other one's is in the shop. All I need is a major injury or a stomach bug and my week will be complete. WTF

Think positive. Perhaps tomorrow, with all the scenic frozen stuff going on outside, the Christmas lights and the relative silence, I can get some writing done. I keep waiting for this perfect moment to pop up in which I can write in. Some quiet, but not at 3 am when I'm ready to pass out. But you know what? You keep waiting for perfect moments and all you'll end up with are lost chances. Carpe diem, all that rot. Maybe I can talk jenuwhine into coming up here, chaining me to the desk and smacking me about the head and shoulders whenever I stare at the cursor too long. She'd prolly come for the entertainment value alone.

I do have a site to rec. I've recently become addicted to the online cartoon 'Neurotically Yours', created by Jonathan Ian Mathers of Ill Will Press. It's not for kids; it's raunchy, rude and completely politically incorrect by anyone's standards. Prepare to meet your new lord and master, Foamy the Squirrel. You can also view the entire archive of cartoons (over 100) at the Friends of Foamy website.

I also had some fanfic recs, but I'll do a separate post on those, as soon as I find the freakin' notepad file I lost or somehow get unlazy (no, it's not a word, but I'm using it anyway) enough to look up the links again.

Snowily yours,


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Date:2006-11-26 08:28
Subject:and another year passes
Mood: contemplative

As of 9 something this evening, I am officially another year older. Yet another one of life's ironies, that in our youth we eagerly anticipate the coming years, with different years being milestones, while when we are older we would cheerfully disregard the entire day if it were possible. Did I mention that in Oklahoma the liquor stores are closed on Sundays? Bugger.

Middle aged? I think not!Collapse )

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